Good Work Needs A Long Term Mindset

His plans aren’t without critics. Some Haiti advocates look askance at money-making ventures in the aftermath of the earthquake. But Capponi believes a new approach to the country is needed.

He recognizes that it may be an uphill battle. “If I wanted to start a business, open a hotel, this is not where I would start,” he says. “But in terms of life accomplishments, if we pull this off it will be worth it. I could die with a grin on my face and say ‘I had a hand in it.’”

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I wonder if Michael has ever thought about moving to Haiti. It sounds like he really loves the place, and I know that country needs money and entrepreneurship like he can bring. If he’s serious about helping them out, he’ll keep moving forward with his good work, even if it’s not as successful as he hopes it will be at first. Sometimes good works take a little while to bear fruit, but something tells me he has enough vision and wisdom to know that truth. If things go well, Haiti might be a very different place in ten years. I know I’d love to make a trip there when I visit the Caribbean during my next vacation. Good luck Michael and Michael Capponi Construction, keep up with the good work and never stop! Don’t let your financial advisers bring you down, and you can make a real difference in the world today!